Different. Not cool.

There are things that I wrote long ago and that still haunt me. I really tried to be someone different, smile more, have more fun and let wathever bothers me go away as well, but not anymore.
A few times ago, I usually believe in fairytales, so I grew up and realize that’s not about to find your prince charming. It’s about finding yourself and learn with the lessons life gives us. Probably, the values and concepts. What bothers me after all is that I can’t believe anymore. However, I still do good things without noticing it, helping people, suffering when I see someone down. I swear, I’m trying but it hurts a lot.

I don’t want to care about people anymore, Can’t barely take care of myself… Who would say I’d might help someone else?



. Assessment of pain intensity and function in the early postoperative period of cardiac surgery :

. . Pain – > is very intense , but it is inevitable! It can not be escape in the first months … it seems that you feel worse than before the surgery, but it’s just an impression. Therefore, you should be careful and double the attention to the careof ┬ánot make the recovery go awry!

. . Functionality – > pouts! This is tricky … you’ll be very insecure of what you can or can not do . Avoid strong emotions (like new passions), this is the first step! Having self – control of them is critical!

I suggest meet new people, making new friends, devote yourself to what is most important in your life (in my case , the university), not getting lost in games that can make you suffer, avoid everything that has been done wrong before … I know how hard this is, especially when it’s tempting. However, live YOUR life and YOUR dreams without letting anyone and no doubt make it stop along the way, in danger of losing its way of their goals!

That’s what I say from experience : my post-op is working, but I admit that there are things that are wanting to come back into my life and make me feel insecure. And I guarantee it will not happen … I will not throw up high everything I rebuilt, this recovery time, because of any illusion!